Les écoles de glisse

Les écoles de glisse vendéennes (EGV) is Surf and nautic sports schools association, located on the atlantic coast, in Vendée, France.

"EGV Label" was created to bring harmony in teaching nautic sports in this area: better care of practitioners, improve students' groups compositions, and most important: raise awareness about ocean's dangers, and environement protection.

Year 2014
Context Mediapilote agency
What I did Webdesign & Illustration / Frontend Implementation
Tools / Techs Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX
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Home page

EGV website's home page is an illustration-styled draggable map, giving the user the possibility to access all the differents schools informations.

The illustration represents the area (Vendée) coasts, where schools are located with Hawaiian styled totems.


Responsive Design

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