Les héritiers
de Yip Man

Les héritiers de Yip Man is a french Wing Chun and Chen style Taiji Quan academy located in Brittany (France).

Wing Chun is a traditional kungfu style from South of China, made famous by Master Yip Man and his student Bruce Lee.
The academy needed one new website, made of short videos to present specific Wing Chun techniques or topics.

Year 2015
Context Association
What I did Webdesign / Frontend Implementation
Tools / Techs Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Responsive Webdesign

50's Cinema inspired

The Academy website mostly displays short classes and techniques videos. Considering that Wing Chun became famous (in Western countries) in the middle of 20th century, I designed the website mostly in Black & White, using old movies grainy textures, in order to make the user to feel like watching an old movie.


Colors & typography

The website is Black & White designed, with 2 more dynamic tones.
The red color is used to recall the academy's logo; the gold tone comes from the gold belts owned by Academy's highest instructors.

Font - Playfair Display
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Responsive Design

Responsive Webdesign